Weekly Newswatch – August 12, 2011

Week in Review

Toll Increase

This week, Governor Christ Christie blasted the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for proposing a 50 percent toll increase. The authority manages the area’s ports, bridges, tunnels, airports as well as the former World Trade Center site. It has suffered financially as the economy weakened and fewer people commuted to Manhattan. Additional revenues would help the authority protect its bond rating and pay for a $33 billion, 10-year capital plan. The authority’s board is expected to vote next wekk on these increases.


Also this week, Governor Christie visited New Jersey beaches to tout his environmental record. The Governor approved 650 million dollars in no-cost and low-cost loans for water quality and protection projects. Some 450 million dollars are for projects to improve water used for fishing and swimming. The rest is for projects to protect drinking water supplies. There are more than 170 applications pending.

Other News


In other news, StudentsFirst and Better Education for Kids announced they will work together in New Jersey to promote Governor Chris Christie’s education reform agenda. The NJ Education Association, on the other hand, has said such non-profit initiatives are a concerted, national attack on teacher unions.

Next Week

On Thursday, in Toms River The Assembly Environmental and Solid Waste Committee will hold a public hearing on the proposed Energy Master Plan. The Committee will take testimony from invited guests and the public.