WSW – Winning Strategies Washington


With experienced professionals who have held top positions in the House and Senate on both sides of the aisle, WSW tailors a team to fit each client’s needs. WSW was founded over a decade ago as a solution to the one-size-fits-all DC government relations firm, offering clients the opportunity to build and sustain their own unique presence in Washington to advance policy and funding priorities and build key relationships with their elected officials on Capitol Hill and back home.

Simply put: it’s not about us. It’s about you.

Solid Expertise, Uncompromising Ethics

Our remarkable successes on behalf of clients are usually defined by our knowledge and expertise, decades of Capitol Hill experience, client-focused flexibility, trusted relationships with Members of Congress and key decision makers, and the highest ethical standards.

Whether you’ve tried other government relations firms or are new to this endeavor, you’ll be impressed by how you’re treated as a WSW client –- and how effectively we can serve your organization.

Before we begin the conversation, take some time to review the WSW Code of Ethics.