30 Stories for 30 Years: Chapter 18– Making Back to School Better

Before we know it, kids throughout the region will gear up for their first day of school. Unfortunately, many parents of children in Oaks Integrated Care programs cannot afford new backpacks and basic school supplies for the upcoming school year. We invite you to “Fill-A-Backpack” for a child or teen in need of support.

Let’s set up a classroom for success 

and give a child the confidence they need to succeed!

Make a difference by donating:

Backpacks & Lunchboxes, Book Covers,
Calculators (Solar & Scientific), Protractors & Rulers,
Index Cards, Scissors & Glue Sticks, Facial Tissues & Hand
Sanitizer, Pens & Pencils, Three-ring Binders with Paper,
Pocket Folders, Erasers & Pencil Cases,
Crayons, Markers & Highlighters

Drop off supplies in the lobby from August 1-18 at:

Princeton Public Affairs Group, 160 West State Street, Trenton