30 Stories for 30 Years: Chapter 12- Livin’ in the Hall of Fame

An all-star cast took the stage in front of a sold-out crowd at the New Jersey Hall of Fame Red Carpet Induction Ceremony in the Paramount Theater at the Asbury Park Convention Hall last Sunday. An exciting roster of NJ greats attended, including inductees actress and TV personality Kelly Ripa, actor Ray Liotta, Olympian, Basketball Hall of Famer Carol Blazejowski and musician Wyclef Jean of The Fugees.  A performance by the legendary Tommy James was a highlight.

PPAG is proud to serve the NJHOF. The New Jersey Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization and honors citizens who have made invaluable contributions to society, the State of New Jersey, and the world beyond. The people that the NJHOF celebrates have overcome every imaginable obstacle and challenge. Their stories offer boundless hope and inspiration for millions of New Jerseyans. Since 2008, more than 100 notable individuals and groups have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.


The NJ Hall of Fame’s goal is to present school children with significant role models to show that they can and should strive for excellence. Outreach through the New Jersey Hall of Fame Mobile Museum, the Arête Scholarship, and the NJHOF Curriculum Guide for educators focuses on learning and interacting with the inspired lives of the inductees so that New Jersey’s youth can chart their own path to extraordinary greatness.


PPAGer David Smith serves as 1st Vice President, NJHOF and Vice Chairman/Commissioner, NJ Motion Picture and Television Commission. David and his wife Diana also served as co-producers of the gala induction ceremony this year and were assisted by an entire team of PPAG volunteers. Stacy Arbaugh took the stage and was in charge of award distribution. Tammy Kleszics served as the personal liaison to Wyclef Jean, Lorna O’Hara, personal liaison to Carol Blazejowski, and Christie Nuttall, personal liaison to Joe Ripa, dad of Kelly Rippa.