Record of Success


Princeton Public Affairs Group (PPAG) is home to one of America’s most respected, state-based public affairs and lobbying teams, and continues to be ranked the number one firm in New Jersey.


Our people make the difference. While the political and regulatory process provides little certainty or predictability, the members of our team offer a strong combination of experience and a record of delivering success.

PPAG has an unprecedented, winning track record in major policy areas: Business & Commercial Policy, Education Advocacy, Energy & Environmental Policy, Healthcare Policy, Gaming and Hospitality, Public Marketing, Public Safety, Transportation and Infrastructure, Public Affairs Management and Coalition Management, Communications, and Association Management.

With each team member specializing in one or more discipline, our signature, and team-based approach allows clients to benefit from the full capacity of our combined strength. PPAG, representing a cross-section of organizations from a variety of issue areas and business sectors has played a major role in nearly every significant matter undertaken by the Governor and the Legislature. Through effective communication, unparalleled access, and established credibility, the PPAG has once again achieved a significant record of success during this past legislative session.

Take a moment a review the diversity of our team’s activity.  Click here to download our Record of Success.

Note: Record of Success (ROS) items reflect the status of the issue at time of ROS publication.

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