Princeton Public Affairs Group (PPAG) is home to one of America’s most respected, state-based public affairs and lobbying teams, and continues to be ranked the number one firm in New Jersey.

Our Record of Success

Our people make the difference. While the political and regulatory process provides little certainty or predictability, the members of our team offer a strong combination of experience and a record of delivering success.

PPAG has an unprecedented, winning track record in major policy areas: Business & Commercial Policy, Education Advocacy, Energy & Environmental Policy, Healthcare Policy, Gaming and Hospitality, Public Marketing, Public Safety, Transportation and Infrastructure, Public Affairs Management and Coalition Management, Communications, and Association Management.

With each team member specializing in one or more discipline, our signature, and team-based approach allows clients to benefit from the full capacity of our combined strength. PPAG, representing a cross-section of organizations from a variety of issue areas and business sectors has played a major role in nearly every significant matter undertaken by the Governor and the Legislature. Through effective communication, unparalleled access, and established credibility, the PPAG has once again achieved a significant record of success during this past legislative session.

Take a moment to review a sampling of the diversity of our team’s activity.

A Win for NJ Society of CPAs

On behalf of our client, the NJ Society of CPAs, PPAG lobbied successfully on S3043, legislation which extends the deadline for completion and filing of the annual audit report of the school district for the 2019-2020 school year and establishes a new deadline for submission of Audit Summary for 2019-2020 school year.

Assisted the Educational Services Commission of New Jersey (ESCNJ) with the passage of A-4405/S-2520

The ESCNJ has operated the Piscataway Regional Day School and maintained the facility and property for the DOE since 1982. The sale of this land to the ESCNJ will allow them to make significant capital improvements to the school without an expense to the state or the taxpayers of New Jersey.

Promoting Student Transportation Infrastructure

The Governor has signed S-2337 and A-3904 into law. Take a minute to pat yourselves on the back! Thank you to everyone who wrote a note, made a call, and/or sent a prayer. We will stay in touch as to what comes next, but we wanted to share the story of our collective success right away.

And now a word from your sponsor

Consider supporting the NJSBCA with your membership!

Also, thank you to Bill Pascrell, III, our NJSBCA Government Affairs specialist who guided the Association through this process.

We are extremely appreciative to our Legislators and our Governor for recognizing the importance of the student transportation infrastructure and passing legislation to help us through a, particularly unique time.

Delivering Key Legislative Win

On behalf of our client, NJ Society of CPAs, PPAG lobbied to successfully pass S3246 to law. This new law establishes elective pass-through entity business alternative income tax and allows corresponding refundable gross income tax and corporation business tax credit.

Protecting New Jersey’s Homebuyers

On behalf of our client, the Mortgage Bankers Association of NJ, PPAG lobbied in support of a new law (A2035)  to update the residential mortgage banking laws in NJ.  The new law will protect consumers,  stimulate industry competition and resolve state lending provisions that were in conflict with federal laws.

Creating a More Equitable Building Environment

Working on behalf of our client, Association of Environmental Authorities and the NJ Builders Association, PPAG lobbied for passage of S1247, a new law that closed a loophole in the fair and equitable assessment of connection fees on new and retrofitted buildings.

Honoring New Jersey Law Enforcement

PPAG recently led outreach that resulted in Governor Murphy signing legislation designating Route 195 in Howell Township as “State Trooper Marc K. Castellano Memorial Highway.” Howell is where Trooper Castellano lived and gave his life in the line of duty.

Working Toward a Cleaner Environment

Reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, other greenhouse gases, and other pollutants by preserving and expanding zero-emission electricity generation within and outside New Jersey is critical to mitigating the impacts of climate change. PPAG worked to pass a bill that establishes zero emission certificate program for nuclear power plants.

Protecting Seniors from Predatory Services

PPAG successfully worked to pass a bill requiring that citizens be made aware that they can get an official copy of their deed directly from the county clerk’s office at a reduced rate. Currently, private services can mail senior citizens to tell them they need an official copy of their property deed. Typically the charge can be as high as $100. An official copy is not required by law.

Advocating for Fair Pay for Public Employees

On behalf of the County Clerks, County Surrogates and County Sheriffs PPAG successfully advocated for the passage of legislation that increases annual salaries for Governor’s cabinet officers, judges, county prosecutors, and certain other public employees.

Leading the Struggle Against Prescription Drug Addiction

Governor Chris Christie signed legislation requiring medical professionals to educate children and teenagers about addiction risks before issuing prescription drugs. The law now requires prescribers to discuss addiction risk associated with certain drugs prior to issuing prescriptions to a minor patient.


Supporting the State’s Automobile Industry

On behalf of the Guaranteed Asset Protection Alliance (GAPA), PPAG lobbied in support of a bill that puts into place a statutory structure to regulate guaranteed asset protection (GAP) waiver products and is based on a GAPA model Act. GAP is designed to protect consumers by paying the difference between the value of their vehicle at the time it’s totaled (or stolen and not recovered) and the balance owed on the loan. For dealers, the product puts consumers who suffered a total loss of their vehicle back in the market for a new car.

Advancing Energy Aggregation

PPAG consulted Concord Energy Services, a division of Concord Engineering Group, Inc. (CES), on Bergen County RFP for energy aggregation. CES won the contract. CES is an energy asset management firm focused on innovative energy cost reduction strategies and asset management solutions for small to large energy-consuming commercial/industrial companies, institutional and government sectors.

Historic Sports Betting Supreme Court Win

The gaming industry plays a crucial role in New Jersey’s economy. PPAG, along with other active players, helped shepherd NJ’ sports betting case to a victory in the United States Supreme Court. PPAG worked on this case for eight years on behalf of our clients Sportech, GVC and Monmouth Park.

Defending the State’s Gaming Industry

New Jersey’s Governor enacted the fantasy sports bill which regulated and legalized paid-entry fantasy sports in the state on behalf of PPAG client Fast Fantasy.  PPAG also successfully worked with the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement to gain approval for GVC Holdings to continue operating online gaming as a gaming licensee via Borgata. GVC is based in the Isle of Man — the home of PokerStars — and has licenses in 14 countries.

Advocating for the State’s Lottery Purchasers

Since its inception in 1970, the Lottery has dedicated more than $24.8 billion to programs and institutions that benefit millions of New Jersey residents. PPAG worked to pass a bill that authorizes operation of lottery courier services. The bill allows a company to purchase State Lottery tickets on behalf of individuals within the State and deliver those tickets to those individuals in the State as a for-profit service, protecting all lottery purchasers, and in particular senior citizens, from unregulated and uncontrolled operators who would purchase and deliver State lottery tickets for a fee or commission without governmental regulation or oversight.

Safeguarding New Jersey’s Consumers

PPAG was successful in amending the “Massage and Bodywork Therapist Licensing Act” to provide that applicants for licensure under that act must complete both class study and examination requirements, establishing a consistent standard of practice enforceable by law and protecting the public from unsafe practices.

Preventing Fraud Against New Jersey Homebuyers

On behalf of County Clerks, PPAG worked to pass a bill that requires non-governmental entities providing deed procurement services to make certain disclosures when soliciting clients, protecting consumers from companies that often mislead consumers into overpaying for mortgage, deed, and other documents readily available through the offices of the county clerks and registers of deeds.

Reducing the Abuse of Schedule II Controlled Substances

On behalf of Imprivata, PPAG worked to pass a bill that requires each owner or administrator of an electronic health records system used to transmit electronic prescriptions in New Jersey to ensure that the system efficiently meets the federal requirements to accept, process, and transmit prescriptions for Schedule II controlled dangerous substances, helping to reduce the potential for fraud, diversion, and abuse of prescription.

Preserving New Jersey’s Free Market

PPAG helped successfully pass legislation, on behalf of OTG Management, that would permit amusement games licenses to be issued to the holder of alcoholic beverage special concessionaire permits at certain airports; allows licensees to offer electronic amusements under certain circumstances.