What We Do

What We Do

We begin every engagement by asking what “success looks like” for our clients. Identifying our client’s needs and goals in the context of their environment, we draw upon our team’s collective experience and the full range of proven strategies and tactics, to deliver success.

Through a winning circle of companies: Princeton Public Affairs Group (PPAG), Winning Strategies Washington (WSW), and Princeton Strategic Communications (PSC), we offer a full-service approach to public affairs and communications. Together we share a bipartisan team-based approach, a high ethical “playing by the rules” standard, and a solid commitment to helping our clients succeed.

PPAG delivers and draws upon years of experience in governmental service, policy development, business and political advocacy. Clients are matched with a team based on appropriate areas of expertise that include education, health care, gaming, transportation, public safety, banking, insurance, energy, environment, land-use development, corporate, communications, labor and employment, and gaming and entertainment.

The team-based approach also applies as clients move from the state to federal level, or the other way around. WSW assists clients with federal policy, funding and grants as it assesses the landscape, forges partnerships and provides legislative tracking and analysis. Clients are given their own “Day on the Hill” to educate policymakers concerning their issues. Rather than generic, off-the-shelf solutions to complex problems, WSW educates clients and helps them make well-informed decisions.

PSC completes the team with public affairs professionals skilled at providing the full suite of marketing communications, including branding and design, earned or controlled media, and interactive and social media, as well as events.

At all levels of government and through all segments of society, the PPAG circle of companies combine to serve clients as needed. Together, we are establishing a growing record of success that has kept us ranked No. 1. And like any successful team, we assess the field so we can place the right players on it, and passionately play by the rules with winning strategies in pursuit of a singular goal: CLIENT SUCCESS.


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